We cover the following genres Underground Metal ( Doom , Death , Black, Grind, Thrash, Prog, Post, Avant) Hardcore & Post Hardcore, Post Rock and Prog Rock, Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics, Neo-Folk, Martial Industrial and Odd Electronica

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Weekly  Reviews and Interviews up to June 15th 2024

Debemur Morti Productions- Ulcerate- Cutting the Throat of God - Video Review

Red Creek -Julie Christmas - Ridiculous and Full of Blood - Video Review

Dark Descent Records -Crypt Sermon -The Stygian Rose -Video Review

Argonauta Records - we broke the weather- Restart Game - Video Review

Iodine Recordings- Drought- EP- Video Review

Magnetic Eye Records- Brume- Video Interview

Darkest Records- Carnwennan- Video Interview


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