A Tape Label is Born in 2023.... Welcome to our Pillars of Enlightenment

Each tape release will be 100 copies. We can repress if we see the demand.

The Doorway to will be for noisy avantgarde sounds of the Rock, Industrial and Folk variety


Distros Wholesale Prices 

5 or more copies 

(USA, Canada or Europe)

Our 1st release will be out  June 2023

Cave Dweller

 Is an experiment in music and poetry that explores and  touches on themes of loneliness and dealing with mental illness.  inspired by the blessings of our immediate and powerful nature around  about us. tracks are recorded and mixed differently, using multiple  mediums and techniques, including simple smartphone tracking, digital  and analog tape recording methods, and field recordings at places of  personal importance

Bandcamp ( Digital)

Aesthetic Death ( CD)