My Current Projects

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Doom Noise

Looking for sorrow within ones fears (2021) Aesthetic Death  On CD/Digital

End of Mortal Will ( 2022 )  Trepanation Recording  On CD/Cassette/Digital

When we forget it repeats (2023 ) Aesthetic Death  &  Trepanation Recording On CD/Cassette/Digital

   Murdering Panda EP ( March 2024)    Out Now on Bandcamp exclusive

The Loss  of Humanity Complete ( Coming 2024 on Aesthetic Death   ) On CD/Digital

Collab album with She the Throne ( TBA)

Indie/Alt Rock & Punk with Grunge, Pop Elements think Old Sub-pop, SST and Matador Records.. Now you got it 

Anti Pop Culture  (Out  March 15th 2024)

Digitally  ( Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Amazon, Apple Music and many others)

The Doorway to Music Artist / PR thru Deviate PR

Go to Label page for all info

Dark Gothic Folk meets Post Doom 

Preview  Track off album

Trouble Times